Anal Toys For Beginners

How to have Anal Fun! A good rule of thumb for anal beginners is to start with a 1"-1.25" diameter plug. But if you want a more precise idea of ​​what size you should start with, play with your fingers. Oil them, see how much you can fit in your butt, and measure their circumference. Get a plug with a T-base instead of a round base. A T-bar base will fit snugly between your cheeks so you can move around without annoying you. The only downside to the T-bar base is that it can clog the vagina. So if you have a vagina and want to fill both holes at the same time, a round base might be better for you. If you want to increase the size, we suggest you increase the circumference by 1", or increase the diameter by 0.25"-0.3". This should give you a challenging, yet fun and doable stretch. If you try a much larger increment than that, either it won't go in or you'll hurt yourself. If you try smaller increments, you may find it too easy and too similar to previous toys. Don’t forget lube: Too much is barely enough! We recommend a Silicone Based Lube for anal sex because it doesn't degrade latex condoms (like oil lube) and it doesn't dry out as quickly as water-based lube. Check out our premium Überlube High-end luxury lubricant. Überlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. Überlube feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you're using it. Moving forward here are a few inexpensive starter plugs: The Doc Johnson Naughty 1 Trainer Set in premium silicone includes our bestselling original Mood Naughty butt plug in three graduated sizes. Measuring at 3, 4, and 5 inches, this set is perfectly shaped and sized to help backdoor beginners gently expand the boundaries of their anal experience. Tantus Silicone Neo Silicone Butt Plug, A new classic, the Tantus Neo offers a smoothly tapered design, with a base curved to follow the body’s contours. An ideal plug for beginners, the Neo is the perfect way to introduce anal play to your partner. Adam & Eve Small Red Heart Gem Anal Plug! This polished aluminum anal plug is decorated with a beautiful red heart gem at the base. The easy-entry tapered tip makes insertion a breeze and it features a very satisfying teardrop shape. High quality metal that gets super smooth when used with lube for an effortless glide in. Notice we haven’t mentioned any prostate plugs? That’s because they have bulbous heads, so they’re difficult for beginners to insert. When advanced check out products from Aneros, Tantus and many more in our Butt Plug Collection

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