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The Ultimate in Total Body Stimulation
Experience the world's First Waterproof Multi-Speed Massage Glove!

From the secrets of the Orient we created Fukuoku™ 9000...The Original World's Smallest Most Powerful Finger Massager and Fukuoku™ Power Pack...Three Times the Vibes & Three Times the Fun!


Experience the world's First... Waterproof... Multi-Speed massage glove...

The Fukuoku™ Five Finger Massage Glove

The Fukuoku™ Five Finger Massage Glove houses vibrators at the tip of each finger creating approximately 45,000 vibrations per minute at full speed.

The waterproof battery compartment is in a pouch at the base of the glove.  The Fukuoku™ Five Finger Massage Glove uses three AAA batteries which are included in the package.

Like Fukuoku™ 9000 and Fukuoku™ Power Pack we bring our new Fukuoku™ Five Finger Massage Glove to you with our best wishes for your complete satisfaction and pleasurable times ahead.


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